Matrice 200/210 V2 Maintenance Service

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DJI recommends that all pilots schedule a maintenance service after 50 hours of flight time.  

*This service is only for scheduled maintenance and updates.  Any repairs that might be needed would be quoted to you at time of inspection. 


  • FPV Camera Calibration
  • Compass Calibration
  • Vision Sensor Calibration
  • Stress Crack Inspection
  • Central Frame Inspection and Maintenance
  • Aircraft Firmware Update
  • Aircraft Full Cleaning
  • Central Component IMU Inspection and Calibration
  • Motor Inspection and Cleaning
  • Electronic Speed Controller Inspection
  • Remote Control Firmware Update
  • Remote Control Cleaning
  • Humidity and Water Seal Inspection
  • RTK and Ground Station Inspection and Test(As Required)
  • Battery Update & Test
  • Full Flight Test
  • Camera Video and Picture Test