Swellpro PL2 Fishing + Live Vision Payload Release for Splash Drone 3+

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  • Payload Release mechanism with fixed FPV HD camera for SplashDrone 3+.
  • Angle set before flight.
  • Specific for live view,release the bait at a acurate location.

    Overview PL2 is a simple remote payload release with an integrated, fixed-angle HD FPV camera. Set the angle of the camera before flight to suit your needs. This camera is only for live vision and cannot record video.
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    In The Box PL2× 1
    Specifications —Payload—
    Waterproof Level: IP67
    Take-off Weight: 1KG
    Size: 120X70X38mm
    Line length: 340mm
    Weight: 134g

    Sensor: PC7070 NTSC/PAL
    Pixels: 656x492pixels(NTSC)
    FOV: 110°NTSC
    DC IN: 12V(+/-10%)
    Compatibility Splash Drone 3+ / SplashDrone 3