Wireless Megaphone for SwellPro Splash Drone 3+

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The HHQ wireless megaphone from SwellPro gets your message to where it needs to be.
Designed for the SplashDrone SD3+, the HHQ combines a color camera with a 100 watt
waterproof, remote loudhailer.
The all-weather, waterproof SplashDrone 3+ with HHQ megaphone module is a simple, cost-
effective tool to observe a scene in real-time and provide clear, loud instructions to people on
the ground. At an altitude of 30 meters, the HHQ can broadcast live or prerecorded messages,
tones, or music clearly for law enforcement or publicity tasks.

Main features:
 Real time voice or recordings
 Wireless transmission range 2km
 FPV real-time monitoring camera
 100W high quality amplifier
 Effective audio range 40m

Wireless transmission, remote loudhailer
The HHQ megaphone and its paired UHF base station clearly transmit audio up to 2km. The
loudhailer can be heard in most scenarios up to 40m away, effectively enhancing the safety and
effectiveness of operations with direct, clear instructions from the command centre.
Real-time or recorded broadcast
The included HHQ base station allows the broadcast of live voice or recorded messages and
music through a normal headphone jack.
Noisy Environments - Clear Sound

Even in noisy environments, the HHQ high-quality amplifier and loudhailer projects sound
clearly to ensure your message cuts through.
FPV Camera, Real-Time Monitoring
The inbuilt FPV camera transmits real-time imagery back to the remote controller screen or
goggles ensuring that the pilot can correctly position the drone for effective audio.
A Solution for Many Industries
Whether the situation calls for marketing, crowd control, danger warning, public broadcasting,
emergency scene management or something else, the HHQ will get your message through.
Traffic Congestion Management
Often the congestion caused by a traffic incident prevents traffic police from getting to the
scene. The SplashDrone SD3+ equipped with the HHQ loudhailer can overfly traffic and reach a
scene quickly to provide situational awareness and instruction to people at the scene of the
problem – even in rain.
Rescue Support
Often in rescue situations, helping the victims understand what the rescuers are doing is
crucial to a successful operation. With the HHQ, victims can be safely kept informed and
reassured while the operation progresses.
Crowd and Riot Control
The SwellPro HHQ allows you to position the loudhailer above a crowd, ensuring your message
can be delivered without endangering responders.