DJI Matrice 300 Series Smart Controller Enterprise Monitor Mounting Kit

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Equip your Matrice 300’s Smart Controller Enterprise with an external monitor via DJI’s monitor mounting kit. Along with Wi-Fi connectivity, your Smart Controller Enterprise can work with mobile devices - making it versatile. This accessory lets you mount your tablet or another device on the controller. Once you’ve installed your kit, place your device on the holder, and adjust the clamp to keep it in place. DJI monitor mounting kits come with a USB cable, too. Use the cable to connect your device, and you’re all set for real-time viewing. With this accessory, watching your Matrice 300’s video stream on mobile is a breeze. You’ll need the DJI Pilot mobile app to watch live video from your drone. Get a broader view while you’re surveying, inspecting, or performing more critical tasks with DJI’s Smart Controller Enterprise Monitor Mounting Kit.