DJI Matrice 300 Series TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery

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The TB60 Intelligent Flight Battery is built especially for the DJI M300 RTK drone.

These high-capacity, hot-swappable units help to give the DJI M300 RTK incredible endurance, keeping it airborne for up to 55 minutes without a payload.

Thanks to the TB60 Intelligent Flight Batteries, the M300 RTK can fly for longer than the M200 Series V2 drones. In fact, this is how much flight time the batteries allow with the following payloads:

  • M300 RTK + XT S: 48 minutes
  • M300 RTK + XT S: 48 minutes
  • M300 RTK + Z30: 46 minutes
  • M300 RTK + XT2: 45 minutes
  • M300 RTK + H20: 45 minutes
  • M300 RTK + H20T: 43 minutes
  • M300 RTK + H20 + XT S: 40 minutes
  • M300 RTK + H20 + XT2: 39 minutes 

The hot-swappable function allows operators to change the batteries without powering off the drone, saving time during critical missions.

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